Monday, 13 May 2013

Female Students Networks holds workshop on fostering resilience of youths against violence

by Thando Gwinji from Solusi University

Female students from 6 different colleges and universities gathered at Bulawayo Polytechnic represented by interesting ladies of different calibers to discuss issues pertinent to the growth of the female student.

The students were honored to have attended the two day workshop as they were exposed to new and useful knowledge; they got a chance to deliberate on issues mentioned above and many others.
They also got a chance to communicate with their inner beings and dig up the root causes which demolish their development and well-being and also look for ways to combat the problem. Old scars were healed for the sake of progress to develop new beings that are eager to grow and develop their societies.

One thing that most people look for and lack in this world is feeling safe, this wasn’t overlooked in this workshop as the students were taught on safety and were given safety kits , this was meant to go a step further in ensuring that the students don’t feel vulnerable at every turn.

 Above all, different universities and colleges got to interact and share information and knowledge such that at the end of the day it was discovered that problems faced by female students in Bulawayo are similar in nature and these problems shall come to pass the day the societies change their mindset towards the way female students are perceived.

As the saying goes, “change begins with an individual”, therefore, you are urged to be the change you want to see in this world, female students are urged to support each other and desist from the PHD (pull her down) syndrome. Hopefully, this is just the beginning and the students who were at the workshop will disseminate the information gained for the benefit of others as well.


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