Thursday, 13 June 2013

Female students have done it again!

Four female students at Solusi University have won top leadership positions in the college’s SRC.

The four students who have taken the leadership positions at Solusi are Edina Maphosa (Secretary), Musa Bwanali (Secretary General) Lisa C. Madondo (Minister of Entertainment and Culture) and Vimbai Phiri (Treasurer).

In a sign of rare courage a female student, Thando Gwinji had contested for the post of president but unfortunately failed to make it to the top.

This milestone achievement comes hard on the heels of yet another foot of breaking the tradition of a male dominated area when, female students at Mutare Teachers college took up the positions of President, Secretary General, Finance Officer, Entertainment Officer and Food Representative.

 The recent surge of female students getting interested in student politics and let alone making it to  top positions is a result  of recent Leadership workshops by Female Students Network (FSN) where the Network has been conscientising female students on the need for them to shape their destiny by taking up leadership positions.

 The recent success stories of female students breaking into the SRCs shows that the FSN organised workshops are yielding positive results.

Before FSN conducted the leadership workshops, very few females were interested in getting involved in student politics, which they regarded as a male field.

 After attending the workshops most female students feel inspired to join SRCs at their institutions.  

The workshops have been a motivation to female students’ participation in their institutions’ SRCs.
FSN views these successes as a great move towards the emancipation of females in the once male dominated territories.

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