Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Congratulations Female Students!

Female Students Network (FSN) would like to congratulate most of the Network’s members who graduated with Diplomas and Degrees in various categories.

The past few years have not been rosy for many students, who faced hardships ranging from paying tuition fees to 

Female students have been having difficulties on the issues of accommodation. Some of them revealed female students that they had to share a room with 3 or 4 others while paying an amount of $50-$60 per head per month.

Chiedza Chiwetu, who graduated with a Bsc Honours Degree in Psychology, said she has  managed to finish her degree despite the many obstacles she faced at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ).She stated that

“Being a single mother and a student was not easy but through the support of my family and the strength from Almighty God it was possible. FSN has also supported me all the way throughout my Degree they have moulded me into the woman that I am that knows her value and her vision as a woman.  

Another FSN member, Daylite Marufu a former student at Belvedere Technical Teachers’ College says owes her success to God.

“My inspiration comes from God, I always prayed during my years at college and I believe God is the one who made me survive through all the hardships that I failed, “she said.

Daylite also attributed her success to the teachings she got from FSN.

“I would like to thank FSN for their moral support. The Network taught me to value myself as a woman and not let taken advantage of by men. I took this advice seriously and I will forever be grateful for it,” she added.

FSN is sure that their efforts were worth it all and that their achievements will make a positive difference in their career paths.
Daylite Shumba –Diploma in Teaching                                                                                                 

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