Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Female President for JM Nkomo Poly

Female Students Network celebrates the success of yet another female student who has managed to assume the position of Student Representative Council (SRC) president at Joshua Mqabuko Polytechnic College. 

Xolile Thwala was voted as president on the 13th of February this year. Xolile contested with 5 males in the primary election and made it to the final election with one male contender. She said she got encouragement from other female students who supported her and she also had confidence that she would win.

 “I felt a bit intimidated after the elections because the guy that I was contesting with wanted a rerun. Nevertheless, I am trying my best to keep focus. I am motivated by the support I am getting from my colleagues,” added Xolile.
The proud SRC President Xolile Thwala
FSN has been to JMN Poly several times, educating female students on the importance of participating in leadership.   The Network also encouraged female students to support each other during SRC elections because female have a tendency of supporting men instead of their female col- leagues. 

The recent surge of female students getting interested in student leader- ship and let alone making it to  top positions is a result  of recent leadership workshops by FSN. 

During these trainings and work- shops, the Network has been conscientising female students on the need for them to shape their destiny by taking up leadership positions.

After attending the workshops most female students feel inspired to join SRCs at their institutions.   The workshops have been a motivation to female students’ participation in their institutions’ SRCs. FSN views these successes as a great move towards the emancipation of females in the once male dominated areas.

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