Wednesday, 28 January 2015


                                     By Linda Kazembe (Midlands State University)

The room was so silent
Sorrow overshadowed me
I knew I was not alone                                                                                
 Tip top went the sound behind me                                       
My heart raced
Alone in a dark world of shattered dreams
A little hopeless girl
With a beast as a father
As the sun set so did my heart faint
No dreams for a brighter future
The sound was as fast as the drum beats
It was so rough as always
My face became his punching bag
Tattoos became my cover page
My painter was my father
Blood stains all over
Pain eats me alive
As I was about to surrender
The voice came again
Like an angel from above
Out of darkness
Led me into the light
Gave me a shoulder to lean on
A cloth to wipe away all the pain
Restored my strength
The chirping birds
The wind
Whispered words of motivation
I became a voice for the voiceless
Pain made me stronger
The time had come
For the first time NO
Changed my life
I was free
Stand up and fight for your rights

Have the courage to say NO!

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